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John Werner, Scarsdale, NY and Ray Norton are the winners.

Loggers' calk boots are the answer for Week 166 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: Leather

Tuesday: Sharply pointed

Wednesday: Lasted many years

Thursday: Laces

Thursday: Important to lumberjacks

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Leather, calked boots were and are a very important part of the gear for loggers. The waterproof ones worn by men in the annual log drives down the North Fork into the main Clearwater River enabled them to nimbly walk on floating logs. Those housed in the collection at the Clearwater Historical Museum belonged to A.B. Curtis. The unidentified man in the photo above is checking the calks (corks) in his boot. (Photo courtesy of Clearwater Historical Museum)

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