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John Werner, Scardale, NY, is the winner!

Paul Seiffert, an Orofino photographer, is the answer for Week 147 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch for photos and background with Monday's issue.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: A fishing boat

Tuesday: Recorded history

Wednesday: A visual world

Thursday: Worked from his Orofino home for many years

Friday: Left in 1941

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This photo shows a special occasion in the Seiffert family's dining room

In about 1929, Paul and Bertha Seiffert built the building where the Clearwater Historical Museum is now housed to serve as a photography studio for him and a home for their family.

Paul used the entrance as the reception area and the next room as the studio where he took photographs. The living quarters consisted of a dining room, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom on the main floor, with bedrooms upstairs. The full basement housed the darkroom for developing and printing the photographs.

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This photo shows a snowy downtown Orofino looking toward Michigan down Johnson Ave. It was taken by Paul Seiffert.

Paul was Orofino's photographer for many years and the museum has many of his photos on file. Local people remember having their family and school class photos taken by Seiffert.

The Seiffert family left Orofino in 1941 and moved to Seattle. Paul disappeared mysteriously during a fishing trip on his fishing boat.

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