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Phil and Glenna Johnston are the winners! (He came up with the name and she submitted it.)

Cully Mooers is the answer for Week 117 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

According to a newspaper account in "Who Is He?" published in the Clearwater Tribune in 1947, Mooers came to Orofino with his parents in 1898. He farmed, freighted, packed, did woods work, owned a livery stable and was a commissioner for the Grangemont Highway District.

His first packing job was for the government to help survey crews when the lines were first being established for the Clearwater National Forest. Later, he made the daily trip from Orofino to Russell to deliver the mail.

After Clearwater Timber Protective Association was established in 1905, he packed for them for three years. In 1909, he and a partner, Don Snyder took a contract to pack the second dredge into Pierce from Greer. They made two round trips a week over the Greer Grade. It was during this time that the incident with the horses mentioned above happened.

He married a Michigan girl who came to Orofino with her parents and three sisters. Then he operated a livery barn in Orofino for two years, but could not keep away from packing and took a job as chief packer for the forest service.

He purchased his first ranch in 1914 and farmed his numerous ranches in his free time. During the years between 1919 and 1942, he spent most of his time working for the White Pine Lumber Company at Grangemont. Then he retired and moved to Orofino.

Mooers was born in Shasta County, CA and spent much of his early days in a covered wagon as his family moved around the western states. His favorite hobby was hard work. He had a son, a daughter and a foster daughter.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Ran a pack string for survey crews

Tuesday: With a partner, hauled the second dredge into Pierce and hauled lumber out from Weippe

Wednesday: Owned a livery barn in Orofino for a few years

Thursday: Farmed and ranched

Friday: Worked in the timber industry

Saturday: While hauling a load of lumber on Greer Grade, the brakes on the wagon broke and one horse was killed and another had a broken leg when the team ran away.

Monday: Worked for the White Pine Lumber Company on Grangemont and also had several ranches there

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