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Ray Norton, Ken Gough, Eugene, OR; John Werner, Scardale, NY, are our winners!

The change to daylight savings time is the answer for Week 113 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Moving clocks and schedules to daylight savings time was not popular back in 1947 either, according to an article in the Clearwater Tribune from April 24. It was a major topic at the Orofino Chamber of Commerce meeting and several prominent business and civic leaders expressed the opposition including Mel Snook, Ed Gaffney, Russell Lucas and C.O. Portfor, it seemed primarily due to the disruption it caused.

Whether Orofino would adopt daylight savings time was dependent on whether Lewiston did and their adoption seemed to depend on what Spokane decided to do. Apparently, there was no federal or state standard at the time.

The controverial issue was tabled at the time. Does anyone remember if it was finally adopted?

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Was controversial in 1947 and still is today

Tuesday: Orofino's action depended on Lewiston

Wednesday: Lewiston's action depended on Spokane

Thursday: It was discussed and tabled at Chamber of Commerce

Friday: Melvin Snook was among those who opposed it because it was disruptive.

Saturday: Clocks

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