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Chuck Johnson, Orofino High School Class of 1955, now of Fairbanks, AK is our winner.

Walrath Insurance Agency is the answer for Week 101 of Orofino History Trivia, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Walrath Insurance is one of the oldest continuous businesses in Orofino. It was founded in June of 1910 by Harry L. Walrath when Orofino was very young and before Clearwater was even a county.

Harry's son, Ted, and later his grandson, Harry C. Walrath ran the business until it was purchased by Neal Johnson who had worked at the agency for a number of years.

The original location of the company was on First and Johnson. The photo below is an early day picture of the present location, a former bank building. Notice the distinctive corner entrance and rounded stairs.

Neal will tell you that when he joined the agency, his office had walls that adjoined two bars, the Oasis and Jet Club. In the spring the music could be particularly loud when the loggers were not working. That is why his office is specially insulated.

When Johnson purchased the business from Harry C. Walrath, it included the building from Johnson Ave. to the alley. The back portion was rented to the Jet Club. The insurance office expanded a few years ago to take in the space all the way to the alley. The Jet Club's owner moved his business to another space on Johnson and renamed it the "Yacht Club".

Walrath Insurance carries multi lines of insurance and their motto is "Sound insurance since 1910".

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(Photo courtesy of Walrath Insurance)

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Continuous operation

Tuesday: The music was cranked up in spring.

Wednesday: Multi lines

Thursday: Three generations, then it changed

Friday: Founded in June of 1910

Saturday: Street named after the company's founder

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