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For those who would like to catch up all at once on Window on the Clearwater coverage of the Clearwater County Fair and Orofino Lumberjack Days, we are providing this page with links to articles, photos and information about happenings in 2010. We will continue to add to the archives on this page as we continue our coverage. See the latest on the home page each day.

From 10-09-10

Local skidder operators, truck drivers compete
Local skidder operators and truck drivers competed Saturday, Sept. 18, of Orofino Lumberjack Days on the Debco lot off Vida. See the winners and photos...

From 10-02-10

Sunshine greets Kiddie Parade audience
Sunshine greeted those gathered Friday, Sept. 17, for the annual Orofino Lumberjack Days Kiddie Parade. See the winners and photos...

From 9-25-10

OCI Auction helps to support Lumberjack Days events
As members of Orofino Celebrations, Inc. (OCI) prepare for Orofino Lumberjack Days each year, one of the activities they plan and carry out is an auction on Saturday that helps support events during the weekend. See the article and photos...

From 9-24-10

4-H youth win Top Showman awards
4-H youth participated in the Fitting and Showing competition during the Clearwater County Fair last weekend. See the winners and photos...

From 9-20-10

Sirguy, LaVoie, take top honors at 63rd Annual Log Show
Branden Sirguy won All Around Jack and Erin LaVoie All Around Jill honors at the Orofino Lumberjack Days Log Show Sunday. See the results and photos...

From 9-18-10

4-H members sell animals at annual auction
4-H members who raised market animals sold them at the annual livestock auction last Saturday during the Clearwater County Fair. See the article and photos...

From 9-17-10

Lanier named Style Revue winner, 4-H members receive awards
Kadence Lanier was named the Top Model at the annual Style Revue and awards night Friday. See the article and photos...

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