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John Werner, Rye, New York, is the Winner!

Kester 'Ket" Hanson is the answer for Clearwater History Trivia #658, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: "To stay young, you have to be active."

Tuesday: Family business

Wednesday: Chauffered people around town

Thursday: Went sledding and skating when possible

Friday: Liked riding horses

Saturday: Spent summers at their cabin

Monday: OHS graduate

Tuesday: Loved math

Wednesday: Was a caring individual

Thursday: A volunteer

Friday: Smoke

Saturday: Father was a blacksmith

Monday: Cars

Tuesday: Fire Chief

Information from Clearwater Reflections Spring 1988, Find a Grave website and Kester Hanson's published obituary:

Kester (Ket) Hanson was a native of Orofino and a businessman from his teens. His father, Hans Hanson, was a blacksmith. The elder Hanson started Hanson Chrysler-Plymouth Garage in 1919 and Ket took it over in 1944 when his father retired. In turn, he passed it on to his sons, Larry and Keith when he retired.

Ket grew up on the family ranch on Gilbert Hill. When he wasn't working, he liked to go sledding and skating. He and his brother road horses back and forth to school. During the winter that posed a problem because it was hard on the horses and riders with the bitter cold and deep snow. In school his favorite subject was math. Ket's father also operated a taxi service and the younger Hanson chauffeured the town doctor and school superintendent to various places. He graduated from Orofino High School and went on to Kinman Business College in Spokane, Wash.

He was introduced to his future wife, Evelyn Miller, by a parts man, she was a secretary and bookkeeper at the Lewiston Dodge dealer. They were married Nov. 16, 1940. and they made their home in Orofino.

He also served as chief of the Orofino Volunteer Fire Department from 1941 to 1965 and a volunteer on the department prior to that. He told the Foxfire students about some of his experienced at fires around the area.

Ket also told the students, "To stay young, you have to be active."

After his retirement, the couple spent their summers at their cabin at Priest Lake.

Ket passed away Oct. 30, 1988 at 81 years old.

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