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Ryan Smathers, Joe Pippenger, Julie Chenoweth, Mike Lubke, Mike Clay, all of Orofino; John Bradbury, Lewiston; John Werner, Rye, NY; Sam Bacharach, Lumpkin County, Georgia; Chuck Johnson, Fairbanks, Alaska and Mike Bushfield, Eureka, Mont., are all winners!

Dworshak State Park is the answer for Clearwater History Trivia #650, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: 3 pieces

Tuesday: A commercial grade kitchen

Wednesday: Water sports

Thursday: Weddings

Friday: Archery

Saturday: An awesome view

Monday: Campfires

Tuesday: Volleyball courts

Wednesday: Playground

Thursday: An ancillary consideration

Friday: Created in 1989

Saturday: Had things added

Monday: Privately managed for a time

Dworshak State Park has a wide variety of uses from weddings and camping to family gatherings and just playing in the water in the three units of the facility. There is Big Eddy Marina and Lodge, Freeman Creek Campground and Three Meadows Group Camp.

According to information from the park, it was created in 1989. While many people remember the upscale restaurant that used to be at Big Eddy, Medley's on the Lake. It is no longer a restaurant. Dworshak State Park now manages the lodge for private parties, wedding and etc. They also provide snack sales, fuel and 99 boat slips for rent at the marina and more. The lodge still has a commercial kitchen from the Medley's days.

Prior to Medley's, which was owned by Gary and Sandy Medley, there was a small restaurant/snack bar. It was run by a couple that leased it from the Nez Perce Tribe. They also ran the marina and provided fuel sales. The facility was closed for a few years between the small restaurant and Medley's.

When Dworshak State Park was created, Freeman Creek Campground was the primary focus of the park. In 1989, Three Meadows Group Camp was developed and taken over by the state park. The Big Eddy Marina and Lodge was taken over in 1996 from the previous private lease.

There are trails for hiking, boat ramps at Big Eddy and Freeman Creek. Three Meadows has a dedicated dock.

Freeman Creek has standard and serviced campsites, camper cabins, tent campsites overlooking Dworshak Reservoir, reservable boat slips and small group camps. Some of the recreational activities include archery, a playground, volleyball courts and horseshoes, besides all the water activities on the reservoir.

Three Meadows Group Camp is a large facility with a fully equipped commercial kitchen, lodge, cabins for up to 100, showerhouses, a dedicated dock and more. It is a perfect place for summer camp, family reunions, business retreats or weddings.

To learn more about what Dworshak State Park has to offer, check out their website at:

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