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Michael Bushfield is the winner!

Empire Cafe for Clearwater History Trivia #646, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Copyrighted

Tuesday: Dona Jo

Wednesday: Myrtle

Thursday: Marilyn

Friday: Anita

Saturday: A hang out

Monday: Favorite tunes

Tuesday: Cherry Coke

Wednesday: Johnson Ave.

Thursday: Potato peeler

Friday: Kitchen in back

Saturday: Vanilla Coke

Monday: Burger and fries

Though I was never able to find out why, Empire Cafe was copyrighted.

Among those who worked at the cafe were Dona Jo, Myrtle, Marilyn and Anita.

Bev Farrow Latham remembers them having individual juke boxes at the booths that you could play your favorite tunes. They were a regular hang out for the teens after school and weekends. She also remembers the kitchen being in the back and there were booths and a counter. They had Cherry and Vanilla Cokes, as well as burgers and fries.

The Empire was located in the second block of Johnson Ave. where the China Palace Restaurant is now.

What is your favorite memory of the Empire?

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