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John Werner, Rye, NY, is the Winner!

Simon Furniture is the answer for Clearwater History Trivia #639, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: Been around for decades

Tuesday: Purdue

Wednesday: 1978

Thursday: A change

Friday: Trailers moved

Saturday: Big doors

Monday: A business idea that worked

Tuesday: It continues

Wednesday: Many colors and styles

Thursday: One business in decline

Friday: A companion business

Saturday: Changed ownership

Monday: But still in the family

Tuesday: You could lay down

Wednesday: A special logo like the name

Thursday: American made

Friday: 1984

Saturday: A younger generation

Monday: Three generations and in-laws

Tuesday: Sez

Wednesday: 1982

Thursday: An apartment upstairs

Friday: Surrounded by homes

Saturday: The logo looks like him

Monday: Best Chair Company

Tuesday: Propane

Wednesday: Sales manager came up with the idea from previous experiences

Thursday: 1984

Friday: Sometimes difficult to get product in

Saturday: They deliver

Monday: Stanton Furniture

Tuesday: US Highway 12 in Orofino


Oliver and Blanche Bittleston spent their early marriage in the ministry, but in 1963 began Clearwater Homes and worked on RV (travel trailers). In 1964, they added mobile home sales and service. In 1978, they went into business full time, unfortunately that was also about the time that the RV business tanked.

Their sales manager, Wayne Simon, suggested that they substitute furniture for the RVs which had been sold inside the showroom. Eventually, the big doors on the side of the building for the RVs were replaced. The furniture proved to be a good companion business for the mobile home sales and service. It kept the building making money. If you look at their logo, the picture of 'Simon' looks much like Wayne (see above) and has the 'Sez' included in their ads.

Christy and Larry Skinner (Bittleston's daughter and son-in-law) bought Clearwater Homes in 1982 and Simon Furniture in 1984. Of course the furniture comes in a variety of colors and styles from couches and recliners to beds and dining tables. Their suppliers are all American made and include Purdue, Best Furniture Company and Stanton Furniture. There is some problem getting stock at this point, but they are able to keep a good selection. Whether it is furniture, appliances or mobile homes, they deliver.

Christy and Larry's sons have also been involved, making it three generations. They have also had some in-laws involved over time. For a number of years the family lived in the apartment upstairs.

The business is located on U.S. Highway 12 in Orofino and is surrounded by homes. It has been serving the immediate and surrounding communities for decades and is still going strong.

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