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Orofino schools closed until Tuesday, Jan. 24

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent Joint School District #171

I know those of you who have Orofino students have already received notification from your principal of school closing on Thursday 1/20 and Monday 1/24 Due to COVID numbers.

All other district schools will operate as normal. Numbers have continued to climb during the weeks we have returned to school from break at both Orofino Junior/Senior High School and Orofino Elementary School. OES is right at the border of our numbers but with the current trends and close connection with OJSHS it is anticipated to be most beneficial to treat both the same with a recovery period. In addition to students, we have multiple staff out due to positive and/or quarantine with continued difficulty maintaining substitutes.


  • OJSHS - Closed 1/20 and 1/24
  • OES - Closed 1/20 and 1/24
  • TS - Open
  • Cavendish - Open
  • Peck - Open
  • IDYCA - Open

As I sent out yesterday (Tuesday), we are still following the Board Policy approved in September which states when a school has higher than 2% of the student population out due to COVID positive test, or more than 25% of the school's student population is absent, the school will close for a recovery period.

The current recommended break period is five days. This is recommended to help limit transmission while allowing those who are ill to recover.

Current Numbers 1/19/22

  • OJSHS 2.2% positive, 22% absent
  • OES 2.0% positive, 19% absent
  • TS 1.0% positive, 7% absent
  • Cavendish 0.0% positive, 5% absent
  • Peck 0.0% positive, 14% absent

Once again, we appreciate your support in helping us navigate through these challenging times. We will continue to keep you updated on any further developments.

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