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As numbers of students, staff out due to COVID increase protocols reviewed

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent Joint School District #171

As you may already realize, we are having increased numbers of students and staff out due to COVID positives or quarantines.

The links below provide the protocol we are currently adhering to at all JSD171 schools. Please note that the quarantine length has been significantly reduced to keep students and staff in the buildings for teaching and learning. There are separate protocols for staff and students. This is to help us continue school due to a lack of substitutes.

In addition to the protocol, we are also still following the Board Policy approved in September which states when a school has higher than 2% of the student population out due to COVID positive test, or more than 25% of the school's student population is absent, the school will close for a recovery period.

Current Numbers 1/18/22

  • OJSHS (Orofino Junior/Senior High School) 1.3% positive, 22% absent
  • OES (Orofino Elementary School) 1.9% positive, 17% absent
  • TS (Timberline School) 1.0% positive, 6% absent

Our goal is to keep students and staff in school but we are nearing policy numbers very quickly this week. We will keep you posted of any changes that may occur.

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