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John Werner, Rye, NY, is the Winner!

Big Eddy is the answer for for Clearwater History Trivia #611, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Big Eddy was known as Beaver Dam prior to the construction of Dworshak Dam and the recreation areas around the reservoir. The area has had multiple uses from the beginning such as a trailhead for hikes, a ramp and marina for boats, a gathering place for students to learn about water safety, swimming and for a time fine dining and gatherings at Medley's on the Lake.

In addition to the restaurant, deck and banquet areas, Medley's had living accomodations upstairs. At one point, there were people that advocated making Big Eddy a destination resort and adding a motel. Medley's managed the marina with boat slips, gas and other services. There was a boating company that offered tours.

The destination resort did not come to be due objections from other directions. It was about that time (mid-1990s) there was a major windstorm that pulled up the anchors and caused the marina structure to be pushed over against the island damaging some of the boats attached to it. It was also at about the time federal agencies started drawing down the reservoir for environmental issues.

It took several years for the damaged marina to be rebuilt after the windstorm. What was Medley's is now used by Idaho State Parks for their offices at Dworshak and they manage the marina. The front part of Big Eddy where it adjoins the reservoir is rip rapped with big rocks and a set of steep steps goes down to the marina.

Big Eddy is a very popular place, especially in the summer for those taking off in boats to fish, water ski or just tour the area. Others leave from the trailhead to hike along the reservoir to Freeman Creek Campground and other destinations.

Historical photo of Big Eddy partially constructed. (Photo courtesy of US Army Corps of Engineers)

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