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COVID-19 vaccine continues to be distributed in North Central Idaho

LEWISTON-Public Health -Idaho North Central District (PH-INCD )and enrolled vaccine providers in Clearwater, Latah, Lewis, Idaho, and Nez Perce counties continue to work closely on coordination of weekly vaccine allocations and future vaccine distribution.

This week marks the fifth week of vaccine being received and offered to those in Phase 1and the first 3 subgroups of Phase 2.

The IdahoCovid-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) identified Phase 1 to include:

  • Healthcare Personnel and Long-term Care residents and staff.

Starting Jan. 12, Governor Little is now including:

  • First responders (other than EMS) and safety (fire/police/protective services/community support)
  • Pre-K -12 school staff and teachers and daycare (childcare) workers
  • Correctional and detention facility staff (other than medical)

For a complete list of prioritized groups, please visit When-can-I-get-a-COVID-vaccine-in-Idaho-011221-5.pdf. Those who are identified in the lists above, please complete the questionnaire at https://idahopublichealth.com/district-2/novel-coronavirus/vaccines.People will need to know the number of employees wishing to receive the vaccination.

Public Health along with community partners who have enrolled to administer the vaccine will coordinate with employers as vaccine is made available. To date, 3,450doses ofCOVID-19 vaccine have been allotted to North Central Idaho and 3,050have been distributed.

"Our enrolled COVID-19 vaccine providers are making impressive progress providing community healthcare workers vaccine through Phase 1.They are just beginning to reach out to groups in Phase 2. Our ability to offer communities vaccine relies on the volume of vaccine our state receives and what our health district is allotted. We would like to remind people that the pace in one health district, or even within our five counties, may move differently and we ask for the community's patience in this significant effort," said Carol Moehrle, PH-INCD Director.

How will a person know when it is their turn to get their vaccine and where to go?

Public health is working through the vaccine effort in segments based on the Phases and Subgroups established by Idaho's COVID-19 Vaccine Committee (CVAC). As they work through Phases, PH-INCD will share that information with the public. PH-INCD and its enrolled vaccine providers will work to notify the public through a number of public communication channels including websites, social media, and community and media partners.

For more information about the novel coronavirus please visit https://idahopublichealth.com/district-2/novel-coronavirus or call our Public Health Hotline at 1-866-736-6632.

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