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Public Health to move to Phase 2.3 March 15

LEWISTON-Public Health-Idaho North Central District (PH-INCD) is urging people aged 65 and older who have not yet received their COVID-19 vaccination to call Public Health at 208-799-3100to schedule an appointment while vaccine is still designated for this group.

PH-INCD will be moving to subgroup 2.3 starting Monday, March 15.Public Health is encouraging businesses and industries who are eligible for subgroup 2.3 to begin planning. Those eligible as part of the next subgroup include frontline workers who have close and frequent contact with others as part of their regular job duties, which puts them at higher risk for exposure.

Frontline workers (Subgroup 2.3)

  • Food and agricultural workers
    • Food processing workers, including USDA processing plant inspectors
    • Grocery, convenience store, and food pantry workers (Food service workers i.e. restaurant and fast-food will be included in phase 3)
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Public transit workers
  • U.S. Postal Services workers
  • Flight crews
  • Subset of essential gas, electric, water, and telecommunications utility workers, who work indoors,
  • Homeless Shelter residents

Eligible individuals are encouraged to work with their employer on how to best access the vaccine when it becomes available or seek appointments through an enrolled vaccine provider. For a list of enrolled providers please visit: COVID-19 Vaccines (idahopublichealth.com)

For an appointment at the Public Health Office located at 215 10thSt. Lewiston, please call 208-799-3100.These appointments are for residents who live and/or work in Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis and Nez Perce counties .Appointments will be on a first come first serve basis.

Recommendations for vaccine prioritization in Idaho are made by the COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) and final decisions are made by Governor Brad Little. To view CVAC's vaccine priority plan, visit either of the following links: https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/CURRENT-CVAC-Vaccine-Prioritization.pdf or https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/covid-19-vaccination.

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