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Brandt asking for answers about COVID-19

Dear Editor,

Stories this past weekend in both the Idaho Statesman and the Lewiston Tribune cut to the chase. While some want to keep pushing the idea that vaccine hesitancy is fueled by selfishness and lack of trust in our government, these stories tell another side. Maybe people just don't have the information they need to make an informed decision. What if we could get hospitals to start reporting some of the data that folks want? What if hospitals reported to Public Health the answers to these basic questions?

  1. How many of those new COVID cases had been vaccinated (and with which brand) and how many had been diagnosed with COVID before?
  2. How many of new COVID patients who were hospitalized were vaccinated (and with which brand) and how many were diagnosed with COVID before?
  3. In new COVID diagnoses and hospitalizations, are there underlying health issues present?

We know something for sure. The current strategy of trying to scare or guilt people into getting the vaccine is NOT working. Misinformation comes from a lack of information. Let's switch it up and start giving real numbers folks can use to take a reasoned approach to determining whether the vaccine is the best choice for their health.

Skip Brandt
Idaho County Commissioner

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