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UI Extension offers short season, high-attitude gardening publications, resources

Pacific Northwest gardeners may find the growing season where they live too short to grow certain vegetables.

Air and soil temperatures may be lower than optimal for plant growth. Untimely frosts or snow, combined with low humidity and excessive wind, make it necessary for the home gardener to use special practices to get the best production.

University of Idaho Extension provides research-based publications on a variety of topics for the home gardener. Horticulturists explain how to maximize a gardener's chances for success in the face of untimely frosts and snow and lower air and soil temperatures as well as soil preparations, protective coverings, varieties, and mulches.

Publications are available to download from https://www.uidaho.edu/extension/publications.

Do not have internet? Have internet but unable to download? People can still contact them by sending an email to clearwater@uidaho.edu or calling their office 208-476-4434. If calling their office, please leave a message with a name and phone number and they will call about what publication people would like and where to send it.

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