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My fellow 6Cers:

My sisters and I, along with my father who just celebrated his 56th wedding anniversary with my mom, are spending our third day here in Coeur d'Alene looking at her hospital window from the parking lot.

She fights for her life, alone, because she is COVID positive and we aren't allowed through the front door. I can't help but think, wear a mask.

I get it that many of you demand preservation of your Constitutional rights. I'm not here telling you that you are wrong, or that you have to do this because the "government" demands it. I get it that masks aren't perfect, but then again nothing in life is perfect and masks do help. The affected are our neighbors and friends, and in my case, my mother.

My fellow 6Cers, you donate hours of your time to help your neighbors every month. You volunteer, indeed there are several of you whose homes burned to the ground while you were next door rescuing your neighbors. You are the best people on the planet. WE are the best people on the planet!

Set politics aside, and recognize how great we are in the 6C. We are today what this nation used to be. I am daily floored at the sense of community and humanity you have for each other. We have, and always will, take care of our own! We don't need, indeed have never responded well to a "government" mandate. However, I'm asking you to please consider expanding your hearts, and consider COVID like we would a wildland fire, a microburst, or a flood. (All of which you have attacked in the last three years like an invading army.)

Please consider volunteering to at least try to protect your neighbors from COVID...not because any government tells you to...but because it is the right thing to do. Put on a mask. Don't put anyone else's husband in the parking lot of the hospital looking up at a window wondering what is happening. We are better than this! We are the 6C!

Clayne Tyler

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