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Mike Bushfield, Eureka, MT, is the winner!

Rusty Eck is the answer for Clearwater History Trivia #598, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: Shenanigans

Tuesday: A familiar voice

Wednesday: A 'fill-in' that got extended

Thursday: University of Idaho

Friday: Moved up the ranks

Saturday: Loved photography

Monday: Forwarded jokes by email

Tuesday: Took their children along to do deliveries

Wednesday: Army company clerk

Thursday: Liked photography, especially historic ones

Friday: Elk River

Rusty Eck was a familiar voice on the emergency scanner dispatching fire crews for Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Association. He had a 46-year career in wildfire. He worked for C-PTPA as a fire warden and later as the fire and program planner, where he was a constant fixture on people's scanners throughout the region.

Rusty was born April 25, 1944 in Moscow and spent his early years in Elk River. During childhood, he was known far and wide for his shenanigans and hi jinx. He graduated fourth in his class from Elk River High School and attended the University of Idaho. After high school, he was drafted into the Army where he was a company clerk and spent one tour in Thailand.

He met his future wife, Marlene Moran at a dance and their lifelong love affair ensued. They made their home in Elk River and had two rollicking boys, Chad and Cameron. Cameron has memories of Rusty taking them with him on deliveries to firefighters in the field. In 1984, the family moved to Orofino when he was promoted.

Rusty enjoyed national fire assignments and was a fixture in most local parades with his beloved 1914 White fire engine. His fill-in gig with a local bands, the Paradons turned into a 17-uear run playing bass and singing throughout the region. His passion after retiring was preserving local logging history with his 'crew'. They enjoyed many days talking with old loggers and documenting pictures of the past. He passed away March 6, 2012.

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