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Cares Act funding for higher education, how dual credit to be awarded updated

Idaho's public higher education institutions are expected to receive more than $36 million in federal relief funding as a result of the CARES Act approved by Congress and the President, according to information discussed at a special meeting of the Idaho State Department of Education.

Half of that money - $18 million must be used as direct emergency financial aid grants to students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption and financial hardship it has created for students across Idaho. The institutions have discretion in how the grant funding is allocated to students.

Here's a breakdown of how CARES Act funds will be distributed to Idaho's public institutions:

Dual credit courses

Board members also heard how Idaho's high schools and institutions are considering changing how Dual Credit courses are graded this semester in response to the health crisis.

Most Dual Credit courses are now being delivered through remote learning (online, teleconference, packets) and some students may receive a Pass/Fail grade rather than letter grades this semester for Dual Credit courses.

Idaho's higher education institutions will accept Dual Credit if a student passes their Dual Credit course either with a passing letter grade or with a "P" grade.

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