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School district providing positive services for students

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent, Joint School District #171

After a short period of time we are proud to announce the positive services we are providing for the students and communities.

We will be beginning breakfast and lunch for families in need beginning Monday March 23. The plan is to provide this Monday - Friday even during spring break. Please contact your school or Carmen Griffith to be added to the list.

Educators will also be making contact with every student or family on a weekly basis. The district will be a conduit for providing needs to families such as personal hygiene supplies and weekend food from the food pantries, churches and other community service programs. Tami Wayt at OES will be our coordinator for the district.

We are able to provide online OT/PT/Speech (Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy/Speech) services to special education students if they desire.

Our teachers are providing resources and curriculum for students and families each week. These resources are to help your students remain in touch with their coursework and instructors while maintaining a routine. Personnel will be available as scheduled to provide support as best they can.

We encourage students to remain active and work daily towards the goals of accomplishing some of the resources supplied. We also encourage families to reach out to their school if they are in need of anything.

At Joint School District #171 we are dedicated to continue to serve our staff, students and communities with what we can. Our resources and connections can continue to serve and benefit as we move through this period.

Thank you for your ongoing support of JSD171.

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