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Idaho's long-term care facilities need more employees

Idaho's long-term care community is at a breaking point. Facilities need more employees to care for their residents who are at the greatest risk of COVID-19.

Last week, Idaho Governor Brad Little responded to the crisis by creating a promotional video that asks Idahoans to support their local most vulnerable elderly population and work temporarily for a senior care facility.

People can see the full video here: https://idaho.carefortheaging.org/.

Since then, more than 30 registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and other heroic non-licensed heroes applied through the Idaho Health Care Association's "Care For the Aging" (https://idaho.carefortheaging.org/) website.

"We are so thankful for the governor's support and for our community of health care professionals," said Robert Vande Merwe, executive director of the Idaho Health Care Association, which represents Idaho's senior care facilities. "It just shows that when there's a crisis, Idahoans answer the call."

Vande Merwe said that some facilities are unable to find enough nurses, others cannot find enough caregivers and a few are desperate for housekeepers or kitchen staff. Facility employees are pulling together to meet the physical needs of residents, but are also trying to meet their social and emotional needs because families still cannot visit their loved ones in many facilities.

Vande Merwe said, "People don't realize how desperate the need is for labor in Idaho's long-term care facilities."

The IHCA estimates that Idaho's elder care facilities need at least 1,500 caregivers, 750 nurses and 500 other support staff.

"We need anyone with a strong back and a soft heart", said Vande Merwe. Care facilities will provide training, full or part-time wages, and benefits to full-time employees. Some may also be able to provide housing and travel expenses.

Interested applicants can apply at the Idaho Care for the Aging website: https://idaho.carefortheaging.org/. The Idaho Health Care Association will then match them to a facility in need. Out-of-state employees are also welcome to apply.

For more information, please contact Robert Vande Merwe at 208-343-9735 or robert@idhca.org.

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