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Board of Health and Welfare to meet Friday to vote on rule for crisis standards of care

Idaho Board of Health and Welfare will meet via WebEx and in Boise at 9 a.m. Friday, Dec. 11, to review and vote on an administrative rule for crisis standards of care.

Members will consider Docket No. 16-0209-2101 Crisis Standards of Care for Healthcare Entities. The rule is posted at healthandwelfare.idaho.gov under Public Meetings.

Read the full agenda.

To avoid potential technical issues, anyone planning to listen to the meeting via WebEx should download the appropriate app for their device, such as WebEx for IOS for Apple devices, and join the meeting in the app.

The Board of Health and Welfare is a rulemaking and advisory body that can adopt, amend, or repeal rules and standards of the department. The board's seven citizen members are appointed by the governor and each represent one of seven geographic regions of the state. The board also includes the department director, a representative from the governor's office, and the chairs of the germane committees for the Health and Welfare committees in the Idaho Legislature.

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