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ICIO has majority of positive COVID-19 cases reported Monday for Clearwater County

Clearwater County's positive COVID-19 cases went up 106 on Monday and the biggest percentage of those at Idaho Correctional Institution Orofino.

According to Warden Terema Carlin the largest portion of their COVID-19 positive individuals have been at the Givens Hall work unit, know as 'Red Shirts'. They initially had 93 asymptomatic positives from their mass testing Nov. 17.

"We only have 125 individuals at Givens Hall right now so we are just quarantining the entire unit. We did have a couple of positives on the main side of the facility as well. We have identified and moved all of them to a separate tier and segregate them from the others that are negative," said Carlin. "We have also had some symptomatic positives. For the individuals at Givens Hall, we leave them at Givens Hall if they have minor symptoms. If they have serious symptoms and medical wants them separated, we have a tier just for symptomatic positive individuals as well. This tier is located close to medical."

"The entire facility has two temperature checks daily," Carlin said. "We also have medical checking all of the individuals assigned to quarantined units daily."

Before any individual is released from quarantine status the medical department must clear them to return to a regular housing unit.

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