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Superintendent releases another video about school district situation

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent Joint School District #171

Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent Joint School District #171, released the following video concerning the situation in the district.

Another video update!

As we head into the new week please keep in mind, we are Highly Recommending that face covering be worn. As we have been dealing with quarantines and positives for several weeks, it has been a consistent experience that the people wearing face coverings have less time away from work and the domino effect to those around them is reduced.

Thank you all for everything you do! I know the times feel a bit different but I see adjustments being made and progress happening across the board. Educational organizations never cease to amaze me on how creative and resilient the people involved can be. Because of you, we can do it!

Have a great weekend!

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