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State Board guidelines reflect governor's stage to reopen

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent Joint School District #171

I wanted to let you all know that the SBOE (State Board of Education) has adopted new guidelines that reflect the Governor's stages of reopening.

These guidelines would allow for school districts to open only if they can provide an effective plan of social distancing and gathering. We are continuing to investigate ideas and possibilities but with the distancing restriction will likely be unable to open the remainder of this school year.

We are, however, shifting our focus to next year as the proposed plans will likely be required for opening in the fall. We continue to build and adapt plans to meet guidelines. We also are hoping to create an educational system that could shift flawlessly from face-to-face instruction to online instruction. We have a lot of work ahead of us but are accepting of the challenge.

Our schedule for the year looks like this.

  • We are investigating the extension of our food service program into the summer.
  • Continue providing resources for students through May 28.
  • The week of June 1 is a "last call" week which would allow students to get caught up as much as they can.
  • The week of June 8 will be dedicated to scheduling students to pick up their personal items and return their Chromebooks.
  • Graduation plans to be announced. Timberline is working on a plan for June 13, which allows for more than 50 people to gather with social distancing. Orofino Junior/Senior High School is working on a potential parade. Orofino Elementary School sixth grade will have a parade of some sort. More to come on these as I get details.

Board grading info is under the Grading Protocol links of on last agenda and linked her: junior high/high school and elementary.

I hope this helps clear up a few of the areas you might have questions about.

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