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School district navigating new waters with closures, COVID-19

by Dr. Michael C. Garrett, Superintendent, Joint School District #171

As we continue to navigate through new waters, I want to thank each and every one of you for holding true to your professional obligations while dealing with everything else we call life.

Here a few of the updates if you haven't had a chance to keep up.

Spring Break is next week (March 30-April 3). The only operational personnel working are those associated with providing food for students. The remainder of the district will continue to be shut down. Thank you to those who are willing to continue this valuable community service.

  • COVID-19 is now confirmed in our area with five cases.
  • State Board of Education has endorsed school closures through April 21.
  • Governor Little has placed the state in a self-isolation order through April 15.

In order to continue to keep up with the happenings I am involved with several meetings weekly. As of now, the Region 2 Superintendents are meeting at least twice per week and more as things progress, State Department of Education holds briefings twice weekly, Governors group weekly as well as State Board of Education briefings and Health Department updates. Our leadership team has been meeting several times per week as well. All of these meetings are held over digital media. I continue to attempt to keep everyone updated with the latest updates but that can be multiple times per day.

All scheduled meetings and events have been cancelled indefinitely. I praise the work that you are doing to help hold things together during these times. We recommend that you be aware of the orders and mandates and protect yourself and your family as much as possible.

Please note that we are trying to continue to pay all employees as long as possible. The uncertainty of the financial outlook is concerning and we will do what we can to pay and continue benefits. Please know that some personnel are working more than others and that this is not the time to be concerned about equity. We all need to step up and do the part we are asked and if not asked then volunteer if you can. I know that JSD171 team members will always answer the call and shine in the community.

For now, remain positive, isolate as much as possible and enjoy the time with your family. Be safe and stay healthy.

Thank you for supporting each other, our students and communities.

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