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CVHC makes urgent updates to their visitor policy

Given the current prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, St. Mary's and Clearwater Valley hospitals and clinics are very concerned with limiting exposure to both their patients and staff.

Due to limited rapid testing supplies, testing all visitors is not feasible for them at this time. Given all of these factors, they are no longer allowing visitors, except for the following exceptions. All other visitors will be restricted at this time. They will revisit this temporary restriction weekly.

No visitors, except:

  1. One immediate family member per 24-hour period for minors only.
  2. End of life: Two visitors per 24-hour period, after passing screening questions. Must be the same two visitors for the day, but may change daily and may be minors as long as they are able to wear necessary PPE (personal protective equipment).
  3. Medically necessary caregivers. These need to be reviewed by attending physician and approved on a case by case situation.

They will continue to allow a birth partner and support person with our obstetric patients, but the birth partner, support person and obstetric patient will get a rapid swab upon admission.

"We understand the hardship this can create, and we do not undertake implementing these restrictions lightly. However, at this time the risk is just too great and we must protect all of our patients, medical staff, and our resources, in order to continue to offer the care that our community deserves. We are deeply grateful for your patience and compassion as we work through these unprecedented times. Thank you," St. Maries and Clearwater Valley hospitals and clinics Facebook page post.

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