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COVID fatigue wearing on everyone

by Dr. Phil Petersen, Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics

I'm tired, as are all of you. I'm tired of the COVID pandemic. I'm tired of not being able to do all the things I would like to do. (This last week was originally going to be a Canadian wilderness canoe trip for us, but the closed border cancelled that plan.)

I'm tired of not being able to go hug the people I care about. Of not being able to socialize as we used to do. I've gotten used to wearing a mask whenever I go to the store, but I admit, it's gotten a little old as well.

I was horrified when the headlines read that over a thousand people had died from this virus. Now as the number lost is nearing 200,000, it is mind numbing. Most, but not all, of those lost are grandparents, an important and endearing segment of our society.

I am tired of getting on a daily basis some communication of a false and harmful idea. I am saddened that our country has not come together in the way it should have to control this pandemic. I would like for all of the political spins to stop.

The end does not appear to be near. But when the COVID pandemic is behind us, I would like for all of us to still be intact and healthy, both physically and mentally.

The first thing is for us to all still be here when this pandemic is over. We have not lost anyone to the virus in Clearwater County, and if we can maintain that record we can be very proud of our community. If we can put the mask on, and be washing our hands thinking that we are helping to save Grandma and Grandpa, we can wear the mask proudly and feel good about wearing it.

We can't take our Canadian wilderness canoe trip, but we are fortunate to live in an area where we can safely go outdoors for recreation. We should be doing that, getting our exercise, and enjoying ourselves. That is where we can socialize safely, talking to our neighbors in their yards as we take our daily walk or at a picnic on the river bank. This is the time to read that book we have always wanted to read, try that new hobby we have been thinking about.

We need to be sure we concentrate on the things we can do, not focus on the idea of having restrictions. I am proud of our community. We have a lot of dedicated very smart citizens. I am convinced that with our actions, we can get through this pandemic, still here, still healthy physically and mentally.

Photo: Dr. Phil Petersen and wife, Vicky at Post Office Butte

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