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Health care workers at Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics start receiving COVID-19 vaccine

by Nancy C. Butler

Health care workers at Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics started receiving COVID-19 vaccine Friday, Dec. 18, according to their Facebook post which includes photos of several people getting the first of two doses of this new vaccine.

To see the post and photos: https://www.facebook.com/195922802945/posts/10158273499387946/

As of Saturday, 2,306 doses of the vaccine had been administered in Idaho, with priority being given to health care workers followed by long-term care facility residents. As more vaccine becomes available, the second priority group of essential workers which has several subgroups is set to be vaccinated. To see the listing: https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/CVAC-Prioritization-for-HCP-and-Essential-Workers.pdf. Idaho received 13,650 doses with 975 to come to North Central Idaho. A second shipment to arrive next week has been reduced from 17,550 to 9,750, according to Niki Forbing-Orr, Public Information Manager, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

"Idaho, with many other states, has received word that our allotment of the Pfizer vaccine for next week has been reduced from 17,550 to 9,750 doses. We don't know why it was reduced. The situation is evolving rapidly, and we remain flexible and responsive. But our focus doesn't change - healthcare workers will continue to receive the vaccine," Forbing-Orr said.

For further information on the vaccine, see: https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/covid-19-vaccine/.

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