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Idaho enters Stage 1 of reopening

Thursday, Governor Brad Little replaced the previous statewide stay-home order with his new "Stay Healthy Order" for Stage 1.

The order follows the guidance of the President and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and was developed in close and constant consultation with the state epidemiologists. It is available at Coronavirus.Idaho.Gov. Stage 1 means 90-percent of businesses can open their doors on May 1. To ensure consumer and employee confidence, businesses must follow protocols to ensure physical distancing, sanitation, and other measures are followed in Stage 1.

In Stage 1:

  • Places of worship, daycares, and organized youth activities and day camps can reopen as long as they follow protocols.
  • The 14-day self-quarantine for people entering the state will continue, to prevent an influx of out-of-state visitors who could be carrying the virus into Idaho.
  • Vulnerable Idahoans should continue to stay at home if they can.
  • Employees are encouraged to continue teleworking, and employers should return employees to work in phases.
  • Gatherings of any size, both public and private, should be avoided.
  • Non-essential travel should be minimized or avoided.
  • Dine-in at restaurants must remain closed, but pick-up and delivery options will still available. In the next two weeks, restaurant operators should develop plans to open for dine-in on May 16 during Stage 2. Protocols will be available at Rebound.Idaho.Gov before close of business Thursday, April 30.
  • Indoor gyms, recreation facilities, and close contact services such as massage, hair and nail salons remain closed but can make plans to reopen on May 16 in Stage 2 if they follow protocols.
  • Visits to senior living facilities and congregate facilities such as jails and prisons are prohibited.
  • Bars, nightclubs, and large venues must remain closed.

If Idaho meets criteria to progress to the next stage over the next two weeks, then Stage 2 will begin May 16. Details are at Rebound.Idaho.Gov.

"I want to reiterate that we can only progress through the stages if we demonstrate a downward decline in severe cases and meet other criteria," Little added. "It is imperative that individuals take personal responsibility by limiting their exposure to others and maintaining good hygiene."

Meanwhile, Idaho is focused on expanding and targeting access to testing, improving contact tracing for all COVID-positive cases, and working to ensure healthcare system capacity. In addition, Idaho continues to hone plans and strategies for preparedness and long-term care facilities.

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