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NICI releases information on COVID-19 outbreak

Those following the Idaho Public Health-North Central District's information on their website would have noticed that there were 91 new cases of COVID-19 in Idaho County Monday.

Information from North Idaho Correctional Institution (via Public Health) north of Cottonwood reveals that 104 inmates and 5 staff have tested positive. Here are links to the answers from NICI, as well as Idaho Correction Institution-Orofino.

According to the Idaho Department of Correction website: "NICI is a former military radar station north of the small town of Cottonwood. This facility is a program-specific prison with an operating capacity of 414 male inmates. NICI primarily houses inmates sentenced under a retained jurisdiction sentence. Retained jurisdiction provides a sentencing alternative for courts to target offenders who might, after a period of programming and evaluation, be viable candidates for probation rather than incarceration."

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