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County Commissioners approve telecommuting policy for COVID-19

A telecommuting Policy and Procedure due to the COVID-19 circumstance were discussed, approved and signed by the Clearwater County Commissioners during their meeting April 13.

It is a short-term, temporary telecommuting policy for certain county employees so they have the flexibility to work from home due to current COVID-19 circumstances.

A quote for $1,400 from Northwest Elevator & Contracting for a 5-year load inspection was approved and signed.

Chris St. Germaine with Clearwater County Economic Development presented a US Army Corps of Engineers letter. The letter is comments to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Columbia River System Operations. The County has assessed the Columbia River Systems Operations Draft Environment Impact State (CRSO DEIS) in regards to economic and social sustainability from the perspective of rural communities adjacent to the Dworshak Reservoir and who have built a sector of the economy around the steelhead fishery.

Sheriff Chris Goetz presented the Master Service Agreement from Language Line Services, Inc. for Clearwater County Jail. The Service Agreement is for a phone interpreter and InSight Video Interpreting service. It was approved and signed.

Cancellation Apportionments were approved for $173.58 and $201.30.

March/April 2020 expense claims were approved and ordered to be paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$60,706.12; Road & Bridge-$22,038.77; Ambulance-$21,416.88; District Court-$203.86; Consolidated Elections-$5,425.04; Justice Fund-$27,610.23; Drug Court-$1,423.24; Social Services-$30,579.01; Junior College Tuition-$1,000; Parks and Recreation-$84.39; Revaluation-$2,115.09; Enhanced 911-$3,628.65; Solid Waste-$68,004.24; Current Expense Tort-$3,000; Weeds-$262.32; Snowmobile-$8,674.00; Waterways-$645.06; Insurance & Grants-$43,277.34; CPR Ambulance Trust-$255.00; DMV Trust-$90.85; Odyssey Court Trust-$2,988.79. Total expenses for March/April were $303,428.88.

There were two executive sessions held to discuss indigents and personnel that are exempt from disclosure. Present were Pro-Tem John Smith and Commissioner Mike Ryan. Chairman Rick Winkel telephoned in.

Editor's note: This report is supplied and approved by the Clearwater County Commissioners and their staff.

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