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CMPL offering 'Grab Bags of Books' during closure

Clearwater Memorial Public Library is offering 'Grab Bags of Books' to patrons during the closure of the facility.

They remain closed due to coronavirus precautions. However, the grab bags are outside the front entrance. The books have been withdrawn from their system. Each bag of assorted bags will be marked for reading levels: children and adults.

They are asking that people observe social distancing of six feet apart and not crowd to the tables at the front entrance. Please, do not open and sort through the bags. Once a bag is selected, do not return the items to the library. The library staff will continue to replenish the bag as long as they can, so check daily.

(Photo courtesy of Clearwter Memorial Public Library)

They will resume curbside service as soon as possible. The staff thanks the community for their continued support and understanding.

The latest library expansion fundraising info from Clearwater Memorial Public Library Foundation follows:

Phase 1 complete!
Phase 2 complete!
Phase 3 met at $182,200!
Phase 4 to date: $73,143.22 (Goal: $100,107---less than $27,000 to go!)

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