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Michael Bushfield, Eureka, MT is winner!

Orin 'Lee' Squire is the answer for Clearwater History Trivia #573, a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: U.S. Navy

Tuesday: Had a lifetime goal

Wednesday: Went further than the goal

Thursday: U.S. Marines

Friday: Met his future wife in a math class

Saturday: Bachelor of Arts degree in History

Monday: Born in Montana

Tuesday: Grew up in Ohio

Monday (3-25-19): He and his wife were a powerful force working together

Tuesday (3-26-19): Positions of leadership

Wednesday (3-27-19): Red jacket

Thursday (3-27-19): Retired after 22 years in the military

Friday (3-27-19): University of Idaho College of Law

Orin Leroy 'Lee' Squire was born in Billings, MT, Oct. 24, 1937 and grew up in Euclid, OH where he graduated from high school. He then joined the US Marine Corps. After completing his term with the Marines, he then joined the US Navy. He retired after 22 years as a Chief Warrant Officer 4.

Lee and his wife, Phyllis, met in high school math class and married in 1958. They raised three daughters and were a powerful force working together in the community through the years.

While in the military, he pursued a college education between deployments and in 1980 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Old Dominion University in Virginal. This degree opened the path to his lifetime goal to be an attorney. After retiring from the Navy, he went off to law school and his next career.

He was accepted at the University of Idaho Law School and had the unique opportunity of going to college with one of his daughters for two years. After earning his law degree, the family moved to Orofino and he shared office space with John Swayne and Steve Calhoun. Lee and Phyllis put down deep roots and were very active in the community with Kiwanis. He was also involved with the Marine Corps League and VFW.

Over the course of his legal career, Lee was Deputy Prosecutor for Clearwater County and served as attorney for the cities of Orofino, Pierce, Weippe and Kamiah. In 1999, he was selected at the Magistrate Judge for Clearwater County. and he took that honor very seriously.

In 2004, he retired due to Phyllis declining health and he cared for her until her death in 2008, after 50 years of marriage.

In 2010, he began corresponding with Shirley Van Kirk, a high school classmate who was a year behind him. They married in 2012 and though their time together was short, their love was obvious and genuine.

He passed away Dec. 23, 2012.

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