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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Kyle & Christian

Age: Christian (10) Kyle (11)

These endearing siblings are the very definition of resiliency! Kyle and his younger brother Christian are searching for a fun and active two parent Forever Family that will embrace them both and give them the time, energy and commitment they deserve.

Those who know Kyle best describe him as respectful, kind and a jokester. He is a deep thinker who is not afraid of asking the trusted adults in his life tough questions that help him to move through the trauma, grief and loss he has experienced. Kyle dreams of a home where he and his younger brother Christian can share an upstairs bedroom with a TV in it, and have a big, safe backyard to play in. If that home happened to have video games, pets, an I-Pad and a swimming pool-Kyle's checklist would be complete! Some of Kyle's other favorite things include Pokemon, swimming, playing basketball, Chinese food and Captain Crunch cereal.

Younger brother Christian is a sweet, affectionate soul who loves to give hugs to the important people in his life. Christian enjoys many of the same things as his older brother, but also wants prospective families to know what makes him unique. Christian's favorite things include RC cars, Subway sandwiches, and Legos-and he never turns down an opportunity for a good Nerf Gun war!

When asked to describe what attributes great parents for them would possess, both boys describe parents who are nurturing, patient, understanding, kind, respectful, loving and committed to them through the good times as well as through the rough patches that they are bound to have as they navigate life with a new family. Both of these brave siblings have been working diligently to move through their past hurts and are very determined and focused on developing new, healthier coping mechanisms and communication skills.

Kyle and Christian's permanency team is searching for adoptive parents who have, or are willing to gain, a strong understanding of how exposure to extensive childhood trauma impacts all areas of a child's growth and development. Prospective adoptive parents with a very authoritarian parenting style, or those who tend to power struggle with their children, would not be a good fit for Christian and Kyle. Parents who do not keep score in their relationships- those who can begin each day anew and who are able to not personalize a child's behavior, would be a fantastic match for them! Kyle and Christian will also benefit from parents who will be strong advocates for them educationally and who can commit to supporting the children's ongoing need for therapeutic community services. One last very important detail about Christian and Kyle is that they have other siblings that, unfortunately, they are unable to be placed with. The permanency team is searching for adoptive parents who value these important, existing family relationships and can continue to nurture them whenever it is safe and, in the children's, best interest to do so.

If getting to know a bit about these two courageous boys has sparked your interest, please inquire about Kyle and Christian today!

For more information on the Wednesday s Child Program in Idaho please visit, or contact Shawn White via email,, or cell 208.488.8989 if you have specific questions.

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