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June Judd is the answer for Trivia 557 a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch each day for another clue.

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Monday: Civic leader

Tuesday: Cared about others

Wednesday: Grandparent

Thursday: Master's Degree

Friday: Kiwanis

Saturday: Family invited people for the holidays that they thought might be alone.

Monday: Started teaching at 17 years old

Tuesday: First taught in Fraser

Wednesday: Served for 10 years in Idaho House of Representatives

Thursday: Husband was an extension agent

Friday: Brother-in-law was also in the Idaho Legislature

Saturday: Raised on a farm during the Great Depression

Monday: Loved picking huckleberries

Tuesday: Moved to Lewiston to attend high school and worked as a nanny to pay for room and board

June Eileen Cook Judd was born March 2, 1926 at Lenore to Boyd and Bina Cook. She grew up on a farm during the Great Depression. She was the oldest to five children and learned through economic hardship to work hard and be frugal. She also learned early to about community service and caring for others. She and her family regularly invited people to join them for meals or asked people they thought might be alone to join them for holidays.

Her obituary says she loved camping, picking huckleberries, drives in the mountains, games dining out and any activity with her family. She sought continual learning was an avid reader of five regional newspapers.

She advanced quickly through grammar school and at age 12 moved to Lewiston to attend high school. She worked as a nanny to earn her room and board. She transferred to Lapwai High School for her senior year and graduated in 1942. She then attended Lewiston Normal School (now Lewis-Clark State College) for a year before she began teaching in a one-room school house at Fraser due to the teacher shortage during World War II. She was only 17 at the time and in addition to teaching had to light the fires, haul water, prepare a hot lunch dish and hand the janitorial duties.

She boarded with a local famer and school board member, Lawrence Judd and his wife Bell. She was best friends with their daughter, Verla, and met her future husband, their son Harry. She transferred to teach at a school in the Lewiston Orchards in 1945, but remained close to the Judd family. She and Harry began dating in the fall of 1948 and they married June 14, 1949. The young couple made their home in Lenore where she taught in the one-room school and drove bus. Harry taught vocational education to veterans. In 1950, they moved to Orofino where two of their daughters were born. Later, they moved to Moscow while Harry attended University of Idaho on the GI Bill. After he graduated, they lived in Asotin, WA for nine months before moving back to Idaho. Harry went to work for the extension service in 1955 and they lived in Sandpoint when their son Norman was born. They moved to St. Maries where Harry continues to work as an extension agency for Benewah County.

June was involved with church and the community, especially with her children and other youths. She returned to teaching in St. Maries schools when Norman started school and taught from 1969 to 1990. Through a mix of summer school workshops and short courses from UI, she completed her four-year degree and graduated with t Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 1972. After Harry's death in 1974, she continued her education in the summers and graduated with a Masters in Reading Education in 1982.

She retired from teaching in 1990 and was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives that same year. She served for 10 years and rose to the position of Assistant Minority Leader. Following her time in the legislature, she remained active in politics and civic organizations. Her brother-in-law Claude Judd also served in the Idaho Legislature.

She passed away July 28, 2014. She was buried in the Fraser Cemetery.

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