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Orofino home saved from flames due to quick response, good construction

Orofino Fire Department's quick response and good construction saved the residentce at 1242 Shriver Rd. from major damage when fire broke out just before 7 p.m. Friday, according to Chief Mike Lee.

There were no injuries and the most of the damage was confined to the living room, except smoke. He said the house was a good save and it was made easier because the house was well built.

The fire started in the wall because the mortar in the chimney had become worn and flames got through to the wall. He said that some cosmetic work had been done to the chimney outside, but the wall blocked the view of where the mortar had worn. The owners had purchased the home a short time ago. Fire fighters were able to see the problem after opening up the wall. They were able to quickly put the flames out.

In addition to OFD, Upper Fords Creek Rural Fire, Clearwater County Ambulance Service and Orofino Police Department responded. Sunnyside Rural Fire Department was also put on standby for a time.

This home at 1242 Shriver Rd., just below Orofino Junior/Senior High School, was saved from a fire that started in the wall in the living room when flames got through worn mortar in the chimney. Notice the lights in the left hand window where firefighters are working on dousing flames in the wall. Other firefighters are outside the front door.

Notice the reflective strips on the firefighters turn-outs as seen through a living room window. They are checking to make sure that the flames were all out in the wall and ceiling. There was damage to the living room, but the house was saved.

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