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Chuck Johnson, Fairbanks, AK is the winner!

Dunkard Colonists is the answer for Trivia 548 a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Tuesday: A group

Wednesday: Families immigrated at different times.

Thursday: Came from Illinois

Friday: Were primarily engaged in farming

Saturday: Were under investigation during World War I

Tuesday: Built a church

Wednesday: Cavendish

Thursday: As early as 1889

Friday: Described as thrifty, industrious people

According to 'Pioneers of Cavendish-Teakean Idaho', a web site researched and written by Jo Fredericksen, Dunkard Colonists began coming to the Cavendish area as early as 1889 and the size of the group grew over the years, especially in the early 1900s when several families came with the encouragement of P.E. Stookey, whose brother was their minister, moved from Illinois to live around Cavendish. The Dunkards were primarily engaged in farming and were described by the Lewiston Teller as thrifty and industrious people.

They built a church that still stands on Middle Rd. at Cavendish. Since they disbanded, it has been used for other purposes, including by Cavendish Community Club. In my research it appears that the Dunkards have a connection to the Brethren Church, but I have yet to determine if the Brethren Church on Cavendish highway is closely connected or just has a similar early history, regarding their churches as a whole.

According to newspaper accounts, the Dunkard's minister, James Harp, came under investigation during World War I for what was felt to be symphathy with Germany. He had apparently preached a sermon in opposition to activities in the army that was debunked and none of the congregation had purchased war bonds.

To learn more about the general Dunkard Brethren Church history see this web page:


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