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Chuck Johnson, Fairbanks, AK, and John Bradbury, Lewiston, are the winners!

Billings (Summit) Lookout is the answer for Trivia 546 a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

Join in the discovery!

Monday: One of 20 in 1942

Tuesday: Renamed in honor of a man inportant to the area

Wednesday: C-PTPA

Thursday: Over 4,000 feet high

Friday: One structure originally

Saturday: Later two structures

Monday: Built in 1938

Tuesday: Potlatch Forests

Wednesday: In 1942 overlooked the largest body of white pine in the world, according to a news account.

Thursday: Eight miles north of Pierce

Friday: L-4 type cabin

Saturday: 82 feet high

Billings (Summit) Lookout, eight miles from Pierce, was renamed for C.L. Billings and his work as past president of the Clearwater Timber Protective Association and General Manager of Potlatch Forests, Inc.

A pole platform was built in 1927, according to University of Idaho digital docs of regional media. A new 86-foot lookout tower was completed in 1938. It opened up considerable country that had not been well covered from other points. A lookout tower of the L-4 type was built and on the ground, there was a cabin with a cement foundation. The association supplied the skilled labor and was assisted by a few Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees.

It was renamed in 1949 in recognition of the work of Billings. Idaho dignitaries headed by Governor C.A. Robins, and officials of CTPA, PFI and members of his family were in attendance July 10, 1949 to dedicate the lookout in his honor.

It was destroyed in 1962.

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