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John Werner, Scarsdale, NY, is the winner!

Harold E. Kinne is the answer for Number 541 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. Watch each day for another clue.

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Tuesday: World War I

Wednesday: Studied at University of Wisconsin

Thursday: Was involved in debate

Friday: Died young

Saturday: Had a sister

Monday: Blond hair

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #3296 in Orofino is named in memory of Harold Everett Kinne an Orofino resident who was killed in action during World War I near Soisson, France.

He was born in Shell Lake, WI, on Feb. 28, 1896 and moved with his family first to Everett, WA, where his father was a timber cruiser and opened a store for Weyerhauser. In 1904, when homesteading opened up, they came to Orofino and the family founded a homestead on the North Fork of the Clearwater River in the area of what was Anoka. His father William B. Kinne was the first manager for Clearwater Timber in this area. The family later built a home in Orofino.

Harold and his sister, Helen, went to school in Anoka, until the family moved to Orofino. He graduated from Orofino High School in 1914 and continued his education at the University of Wisconsin. In school, he was involved in debate and was well like by his peers. He loved hunting and fishing and spent time as a fire lookout back when they climbed trees to get up high enough to see the country around them.

When World War I started, he enlisted and attended the First Officer Training School at Fort Sheridan. After he received his commission, he the officers selected to go overseas. When he arrived in France, he attended an officers' school for six weeks and then received further intensive training behind the lines. He was assigned to Company K, 16th Infantry, First Division and remained there until he was killed by a machine gun bullet July 19, 1918 in the second battle of the Marne while trying to take out a German machine gun placement.

He was survived by his parents William B. and Isabella 'Belle" Kinne and his sister, Helen. His nephew, Mike McCarthy, shared the photos and information.

This is Mike McCarthy's grandparents cabin on Ladds Creek on the North Fork of the Clearwater, about seven miles up river from Dent, on top of the mountain.! Harold is on the left in front of the stump. About 1907

Mike's mom, Helen, Harold's sister showing hands with.Harold directly in back of her at the Homestead School, Anoka About 1907

Mike's Uncle, Harold Kinne and Mike's Mother, Helen Kinne, doing their homework on the porch of their homestead cabin. About 1908

Harold, third from left (same sweater as the teacher). Mike's mom, Helen, second from right, hiding behind bigger girl. Homestead School at Anoka, around 1907

Harold Kinne, on homestead about 1908

Mike's Uncle, Harold Kinne, with his mother, Mike's Grandmother, Isabelle M. "Belle" Kinne, in the doorway of their homestead cabin. About 1907

2nd Lt. Harold E. Kinne, Killed In Action, July 19, 1918, while taking out a German machine gun emplacement. Killed near Soisson, France.

Harold, second from left and Mike's mom, Helen, second from right. The little schoolhouse at "Anoka". Harold is holding the homemade skies he made. About 1908

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