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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:


Age: 14

Devin is a 'Calvin & Hobbs' kind of boy whose antics, imagination and infectious belly-laughs engage everyone around him. For an active single mom or dad or couple who can get inside his world, this younger-than-age pre-teen will keep you busy and young at heart. Despite the many challenges he's experienced, Devin's love of fun and one-on-one engagement make it easy to build a natural reward system into his rule-based understanding of life.

"Hi, I'm Devin. My favorite thing is playing basketball. I like playing 'Around the World.' And I won a first and a second place medal in snowshoeing in Special Olympics. I like to ride my bike, except not when it's hot. I had a red bike, but when I did jumps, the handlebar busted. So now I can't ride. Someday I'd like a red bike with dirt tires and a light frame that can do lots of bunny jumps.

I only have one friend at school. The other kids push me around and blame me. When I'm in a family, I want fair rules. Like a boy borrowed my bike and I warned him not to ride down the cul de sac, 'cause I'm not allowed to ride down there. But he didn't listen to the rules, even though I told him 3 times! So I had to tell him he can't ride my bike. He said, "But I already gave you a stick of gum,' and I said, 'I have rules and you have rules. And I'm not your boss, but I told you my bike can't be ridden in the cul de sac.' Someday when I have kids, my wife and I will have standard rules, but I won't be really strict. And we'll make up a chart. Our kids can earn rewards like toys or points that they can use at the store.

I want to be a mechanic and have one big shed where I can have 5 things to work on at a time. I will be a bicycle mechanic and a car mechanic and a motorcycle mechanic--really an 'everything mechanic.' You can get really wealthy being a mechanic. If I were wealthy, I would buy dirt bikes for all my kids. I want to be wealthy, not rich. Being rich makes you greedy and selfish and I don't want that. I will probably still be riding a BMX with my kids when I'm a dad. When it's time, I will help them with their homework, but I'm not going to give them the answers because that would be cheating. I will help them with 'what goes here and what is next?'"

Devin's adoption recruiter said, "This boy is so loveable! He's experienced a significant amount of trauma in his earlier years. He had a traumatic brain injury when he was just 7 weeks old, yet he is so bright and so resilient! He amazes everyone with his ongoing progress. He can talk you under the table, but it's important to listen reflectively. Then he knows you understand what he's saying. Devin gives you lots of cues about how he copes with safety-related anxiety and frustration and what you can do to help him. And he's just plain fun! Devin makes me laugh and really brightens my day. He loves to play Slug Bug in the car. He knows all the rules and he's so good at it!"

An adoption team is hoping one family in Northern Idaho might have the desire to adopt Devin, though they are open to other geographical options. Now in the fifth grade, Devin needs a personal champion with a high level of dedication to educational and personal successes. His family will be rewarded with his love, humor, and ability to amaze. Devin has a sincere intention to be a winner in the eyes of those he loves.

For more information on the Wednesday s Child Program in Idaho please visit, or contact Shannon Foust via email,, or cell 208.488.8989 if you have specific questions.

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