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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Adianna, Pailey & Landon

Age: 8-15

Profile provided by Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE).

Adianna, Pailey and Landon are a wonderful trio in need of a very engaged, adoring and committed family. These children are positively and beautifully bonded to one another. Each has the strongest hope and desire to remain together as they transition into adoption. They are their own best support system, with little Landon looking up to his big sister Adianna and having so much fun with Pailey as a peer.

Adianna is a young teen who likes typical teenage activities: going to the mall, shopping, watching movies, make-up, dressing up, and above all dancing. A social butterfly, Adianna is well-liked and gets along with just about everyone. Adianna needs parents who will spend significant quality time with her so that they can nurture and support her in the best ways. Parents for Adianna will have the opportunity to really watch her bloom with the right nurturing connection. She would like to explore extracurricular activities like volleyball or track, and has considered joining the National Guard someday. There are still so many opportunities and experiences that will help Adianna reach her full potential.

Little sister Pailey likes to get her hair and nails done, go shopping, have "girl time," watch movies, play with dolls, dress up and of course eat sweets. One thing in particular about Pailey is she loves to read. When she's not deep in a book she is determined to be busy! She's always doing something, but that can mean she is easily distracted by the multiple stimuli in her environment. She will do well with active parents who also have significant time to spend with her one-on-one. She really likes having positive attention, and working with her individually has proven by far most successful. Pailey can struggle to compose herself, especially when she's riding on a wave of emotion, and would benefit from a calming and accepting parenting style. It will be important for Pailey's parents to check in regularly and assure she is doing well and processing rather than avoiding her feelings.

Adorable little Landon loves trucks, cars, Sponge Bob and anything Tonka. He likes to climb, run, jump, play in the mud, jump in puddles and would rather be outside playing more than anything else. He is a rough and tumble little boy ready to go for a walk, camping, play on the beach and run! Landon can be a loving caring little boy, though he has his moments. Patience is a must; he is going to test his boundaries in significant ways and will need a lot of alone time with a trusted, nurturing adult.

Adianna attends high school as a sophomore. She has the potential to graduate on time as long as she has a parent who is able to keep her on task and hold her accountable. She receives some support in school that helps her stay on task and learn ways to complete the tasks she's charged with. Adianna's favorite subject is science. Her behaviors have recently changed in a very positive direction and she is in a much better space now than she has ever been! She smiles all the time, enjoys spending time at home, and has matured into a caring, accepting and open young woman. She is working closely with her therapist to overcome some of the boundaries that have presented in her life and achieve her best!

Pailey attends elementary school and is well-liked by her teachers. She is still developing her social skills and tolerance level in the classroom, and needs parents who will support and monitor her growth. Pailey could use parents who will help her learn the subtleties and rhythms of cultivating friendships and peer relationships. She is participating in therapy to help her gain the tools she needs to be successful now and down the line. Pailey thinks about her future often, and will benefit greatly from the permanency that adoption offers.

Landon is said to be a smart little guy! He's well-liked by his elementary school teachers, and like older sister Adianna, really digs science. He receives some support there to help boost his speech and address his behaviors, and completes modified assignments with ease. Landon prefers to play by himself and still needs a lot of adult support around his social interactions. It is important that parents be able to supervise Landon's peer interactions until he has a better grasp on appropriate interactions and better self-control. He also participates in therapy in conjunction with a medical regimen to help him manage his impulses and develop the appropriate skills. He needs parents who will help him develop his social skills, modeling appropriate interactions and finding teachable moments. Landon loves a consistent home with structure and clearly articulated expectations for him. Just knowing that he will be going home at the end of the day, to the same bed, and that he will be tucked in by the same person that night is so comforting to Landon.

Adianna will need strong, capable parents who can guide her into young adulthood. Adianna will benefit from significant one on one attention and an attachment-oriented family. Parents who can place firm boundaries and yet encourage her to strive will be great for Adianna. Adianna has so much potential and could really shine in a nurturing and structured home. Pailey needs parent(s) who understand the effects of trauma on children as they develop. While her behaviors can often present as acting out, in reality she is just a little girl who is unsure of her future. Once she finds herself in the right spot with the best family, she will unlock her full potential.

It will be imperative that Landon continue with therapeutic engagement so that he can be successful in any home. It will be of crucial importance that prospective adoptive families be willing and able to start counseling with him immediately upon placement so that he has the best chance at developing attachment and trust with his caregivers. He does very well with one-on-one interactions with adults, and though his attention span is short, he can play and interact for hours.

There are important birth family relatives that the children have strong connections to, and whom they have remained in contact with. For Landon especially, significant bonds have been established with prior caregivers too. Interested adoptive parents will need to be able to foster these connections for the children's benefit. Adianna, Pailey and Landon are legally free to be adopted.

Adianna wants a family to call her own whom she can count on to love her unconditionally. Pailey would benefit from parents who are able to do "me time" with her on a regular basis and maintain consistent, open communication. Landon needs consistency, structure and rules outlined for him and loving adult companionship.

The ideal home will be one where Adianna, Pailey and Landon are the only children in the house and can be absolutely showered with loving and constant individual attention. They are wonderful children but their needs are complex. Any potential adoptive home will need to be completely free of physical discipline and willing to become educated on how to parent traumatized children. A family where at least one parent is a full time care provider at home and can be available for them is also important. This trio also needs a family that is well versed in advocacy in the school system to set up plans and goals for all of the children to assist them in being successful both academically and socially.

To find out more about Adianna, Pailey and Landon, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. These siblings are available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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