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No one got this one!

There are actually two answers, 1948 & 1996 for Number 524 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country. We were looking for the wettest year on record for Orofino. 1948, yes the year of the big flood, was the wettest on record for the old recording stations. 1996, was the wettest since Dworshak Hatchery started keeping track in 1966. See more info below the clues:

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The earliest weather tracking began in 1903 and these were the folks and locations involved until 1981/1982:

  • The first was Horace E. Greer...(1903-1905), Location unknown.
  • Second Charles Belmer of Moody Drug...(1905-1906), Location unknown.
  • Third George Altender...(1906-1918...Ranch/Farm along Orofino Creek.
  • Fourth Old Forest Service office...(1918-1938)...near the bank building?
  • Fifth New Forest Service office...(1938-1966)..Latitude 46 degrees 29 minutes N/longitude 116 degrees 15 minutes W. (This is the Lat/Lon included in the file as this is where it was located the longest time.)
  • Sixth Orofino Post Office...(1966-1980)
  • Seventh Konkoville Motel...(1980-1981)
  • During the later portion of 1981 and early 1982 it was located at two private residences for very short periods. (no specific addresses but the last one before it was officially close was near the state hospital).

Special thanks to Michael Zenner of the National Weather Service-Missoula for the information and research for this trivia.

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