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Tyra Babies is the answer for Number 514 of Orofino History Trivia a special feature to celebrate the history and heritage of Clearwater Country.

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Monday: All together

Tuesday: Marked with carved wood

Wednesday: 1910-1919

Thursday: Tragic

Friday: All very young

Saturday: Their father was involved in logging and then construction.

Monday: Mother from Wisconsin

Tuesday: Their father worked on several of the log drives.

Wednesday: Three girls, one boys

Thursday: Father from Kentucky

Friday: Hill Cemetery

Saturday: Father's name was like a frontiersman's

The four Tyra Babies grave is marked by a weathered wooden marker. All four died young, very young and without more research the cause was somewhat a mystery for people visiting Hill Cemetery in Orofino.

The marker lists the three girls and one boy as: Hilma 1912-1913, Jeannette 1915-1918, Nina 1910-1913 and Woodroy (Woodrow August) 1917-1918. The marker does not give any further information about their parents or other family members either.

However, a Google search brought me to a bit more information. including a Spokesman Review mention of the death of the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boone Tyra Hilma (or Elma in some listings). That first name of her father opened another door and pretty soon I was able to get info from the Clearwater Historical Museum about the 'Daniel Boone Tyra' and his wife Olga or Ollie. Their obituaries are in old newspapers at the museum. Besides information about their lives, the obituaries also listed surviving children.

Using Family Search ( I was able to find death certificates for each of the children and learn their exact birthdates, death dates (which didn't always match the marker)and cause of death. One would suppose that with the death dates of some of the children, it may have been the Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919, but none of the certificates indicated that. Each child did die of an intestinal problem. Family Search also gave access to census records that listed the other children.

It is interesting to see what a bit of reseach and connections at the museum can reveal about lives of those who would otherwise be a mystery.

Now for some action. From the photo, one can see that marker has deteriorated and cracked very badly. Don Gardner who reminded me of this historical marker would like to see it preserved. He is checking into what it would take to cover it with Plexiglass or protect it some other way. Those who would like to be involved may email him at:

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