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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:


Ages: 13

With a name that holds all the possibilities that could be a part of her future, Faith wishes for a single mother who could nurture all the confidence, trust, reliance and conviction that's inside her. She wants a fun-loving, nurturing single mom who can focus on her needs for a while. That parent will love Faith's curiosity about the world. Described as an "engaged learner," Faith asks lots of questions as she explores her environment and tries new things. She is cautiously adventurous.

"Hi, my name is Faith. I like to ride horses and I love animals. I've had dogs and cats at home. I love to cuddle with a cat and tease it with a fake mouse. I like to watch it pounce! My favorite foods are chicken strips and curly fries. Oh, and I like slushies and smoothies. I like to dress up, and I also like comfortable clothes that are cute. My favorite colors are pink, blue, yellow and lime green. I like being feminine, having my hair done, painting my nails, having pedicures and shopping. I would enjoy doing these things with just a mom. If she got married later, that would be OK, as long as I have plenty of time to be sure her choice of husband is someone I can trust and feel safe with."

Faith is still learning how to interact with peers, as well as adults. She gathers pieces of information and uses them to assemble the puzzle of social interactions. When some of the information is missing, she uses her best guess. Sometimes the piece fits, and sometimes it doesn't. When that guess is mismatched to the situation, Faith needs a loving parent who remembers the disappointment of sometimes floundering in relationships. A mom could help her navigate social interactions appropriately and comfort her when things go awry. Helping Faith know how to handle emotions and develop confidence in her abilities to make "good, better, best" decisions will be the key to opening up a world of happiness and security for someone who truly deserves it.

Faith is creative and artistic. She loves dancing, drawing, crafting, and writing stories and song lyrics. Faith has a unique cultural heritage that may be intertwined with those abilities. Her maternal family has Muskogee Creek Nation and Cherokee Indian, and her paternal family has Aztec Indian heritage. Faith is aware of that heritage. Although she doesn't have a great deal of knowledge about the cultural traditions of her ancestry, she would like to know more. Faith's family, whether or not they share Native American roots with her, could help her learn and be proud of this noble heritage through genealogical and historical research and exposing her to Native-American activities in her community.

Faith considers herself to be Christian; however, she does not identify with a particular church or sect. Her mother could facilitate any future exploration of her spiritual beliefs as she continues on her journey of self-discovery.

With a trauma history and confusion about present-day physical attraction and relationships, Faith needs a mom who will guide cautiously and respectfully. Her parent must have a clear understanding that close individuals need to be worthy of trust. Building Faith's confidence of how and when to move cautiously into friendships and relationships will help her develop reciprocal, loving relationships in her life.

Could you be that open-minded, enduring mother who embraces this self-identity phase of her life? As she tests the boundaries of rules and expectations in your safe two-person family, will you set clear and firm guidelines and be willing to explain the "why" behind a rule? Faith tries to satisfy others' expectations. She's growing surer every day of her ability to make wise choices. She would like to have a peaceful environment with not a lot of drama and be with a mom who has her best interest at heart--a woman who is willing to forgive when Faith makes mistakes. For the right single mother, Faith could learn to trust and love more deeply. She has developed bonds to women who teach by example and accept her right to learn from her successes as well as her mistakes. The most important feature of that relationship would be your ability to convince her that you are going to be a constant in her life, always and in all ways.

Portrait by Matt Green from Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery

To find out more about Faith, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30558.

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