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Anjal, Mario & DeyVon

Ages: 4-8

Portraits and profile provided by Northwest Adoption Exchange.

Anjal, Mario and DeyVon are a wonderful trio with very special needs who need a skilled family with much time, love and energy to give. Their worker exclaims, "They really are such darling children!"

Anjal, the oldest, is full of personality and energy and happiness. Mario, the middle, loves to connect: eye contact, having stories read to him, holding hands, storytelling using his toys, talking about his day, hugs - these are all attractive activities for Mario. DeyVon, the youngest, is a cuddlebug--he will happily spend time in your arms.

All three children enjoy outings to the park although they prefer different activities-Anjal loves playing on the slide, and if the weather is warm enough she will most certainly be found at the water play feature. DeyVon enjoys the swing so much he would be satisfied to spend the entire outing in the swing observing the activity around him; but blowing bubbles is a close second favorite. Mario enjoys digging and searching for things that crawl in the earth.

Anjal loves water play-a water feature at the park, the kitchen faucet, watering the flowers, bath time, anything with water attracts her. Water seems to have a calming therapeutic effect, as an improvement in her behavior and an increased ability to tolerate transitions and new environments has been observed when she has opportunities to play with water. Anjal is not yet verbal, however, she is vocal - she is regularly heard humming and singing. Gesturing/pointing and signing all communicate her mood and wants.

Mario's favorite toy is his Thomas the Tank Engine figurine which he carries with him at all times and regularly incorporates into his play. Mario also enjoys playing with cars and various vehicles with wheels that can be rolled. He enjoys books and is learning colors, shapes and the letters of the alphabet. Mario is an eager helper, always quick to corral his younger brother or bring various items to his caregiver when asked. Mario is cautious and watchful-his gaze doesn't seem to miss a thing. Mario is always smiling and is very social. He loves to be the center of attention. Mario is also very gentle and nurturing. He loves hugs and kisses. Mario is an active little boy who enjoys playing with peers.

DeyVon loves to be held and carried but when on the ground he is the most independent, fearless and boundary-pushing kiddo of the three. At the park he will run in the opposite direction as everyone else and when called after he will stop, turn around, give a huge grin and resume running until someone chases after him - he can be heard laughing and giggling as he runs. DeyVon also enjoys climbing, jumping and stomping. In addition to physical activities, DeyVon likes looking at pictures and coloring books. He also has fun playing with cars, trains, balls, blocks and puzzles. DeyVon is not yet verbal but he is vocal-lots of shrieking and laughing and giggling and yelling - his face is very expressive (he has the biggest smile) and is always communicating his preferences or his objections.

All three children have hearty appetites yet differing preferences. For breakfast Anjal prefers multigrain Cheerios with grapes and bananas; while Mario enjoys pancakes with jam and bananas on the side. DeyVon enjoys scrambled eggs, toast and blueberries. All three children enjoy pizza, particularly individual sized pizzas that are just their size and prepared with their favorite toppings-extra pepperoni for Anjal, cheese for DeyVon and cheese-less with a few pepperoni rounds for Mario.

Overall, all three children are in good health and have no ongoing medical/health needs other than their delays. Mario is currently reported to be meeting academic benchmarks with supports in place. He needs repetitions to learn new skills. Mario's language development is delayed when compared with same age peers; however, he is receiving the recommended services and is making progress.

Anjal and DeyVon are eager learners and enjoy being in the school environment. These two each require a specialized classroom setting and receive aid in class to meet their developmental needs and support their academic progress and success. Anjal and DeyVon's behaviors and needs resemble those expected of children on the autism spectrum.

All three children have established relationships with members of their birth family. Ongoing contact with the children's biological family is desired. Anjal, Mario, and DeyVon are legally free.

Anjal and DeyVon can be easily distracted and sensitive to stimulation, and need many repetitions to learn new skills. Anjal is very coordinated and loves to run, play and ride her scooter. She enjoys letters and numbers and is often carrying books with her.

All three children are currently working with providers to meet their developmental needs. They are doing well in their respective services. Anjal, Mario and DeyVon would benefit from adoptive parents who have a working knowledge of caring for children who have experienced trauma and neglect, and with working knowledge of caring for children who have special needs as related to their development.

All three children require a stable home environment with a consistent and reliable caregiver. Consistency and predictability in the environment are particularly important. The children need a caregiver who will be able to establish and maintain a predictable routine. Adoptive parents also need to be creative communicators with lots of patience. The children like to be active and spend time outdoors so they would do well with a family who are active and enjoys being outside. A prospective family will need knowledge and/or experience with children with special needs and the ability to access a variety of local resources. The family would be able to provide love, patience, safety, stability, consistency, and predictability. They must be able to work as part of a team and have great communication skills. The children will need a family in preferably a two parent home. The children would do best with a household where there are no other children.

Anjal, Mario and DeyVon are like children of all races, ethnicities and cultures in that they need support from their adoptive family to learn to have positive thoughts about their origins, whether or not their adoptive family shares the same race or ethnicity.

To find out more about Anjal, Mario and DeyVon, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. YAnjal, Mario & DeyVon are available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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