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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:

Jude & James

Age: 8-9

Jude and James have similar shades of ginger-colored hair and fair skin. They seem very serious and shy. Both have Mexican ancestry. They can be animated when they feel safe and will share all sorts of knowledge. They enjoy raising chickens and other animals. They like to help with gardening and canning fruits and vegetables. Jude is an expert at fixing error problems on pads and computers. James likes to eat cookie dough even more than he likes to eat cookies! And both of these boys love spicy Mexican cooking.


"Hi, I'm Jude. I love video games and breaking down and building things in the back yard. We made a bridge that supports all our weight and we have a bucket that we do chemistry in. Someday I might like to be a detective or someone who works with animals. I would love it if I wouldn't have to go home and I could just stay at work and sleep near their cages."

Jude is a whiz kid in many areas and scores very high in intelligence. He loves computers and all things electronic. He's artistic and creative-very into drawing and art. He's very skilled in games. He considers himself something of a "Tetherball King" at school and loves playing competitive games.

Jude describes himself as a "techno-geek." He certainly looks the part with his serious face, his glasses and his way of pondering a question before amazing folks with his answers. Still he is a child at heart. That comes out when he's outside playing Army and Nerf guns with his younger brother, James. His foster parents have enjoyed seeing many things through his eyes and sharing in new discoveries.

Sometimes Jude needs his own time to pursue different interests than those of his younger brother. His foster parents make sure that James is not always shadowing him. Jude can be protective and a mentor to James. They are well bonded and enjoy playing together most of the time. Arguments erupt occasionally, but can be resolved peacefully by giving the boys time to play in separate zones.


My name's James. I like to do science, study rocks, and build stuff. Some day I might like to be a Navy Seal.

I like my brother because he plays with me. I like my foster mom because she gives us Nerf guns and gives me new rocks for my collection. She cooks good food. I love everything she cooks. And I like spicy food. This Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is mild!"

Known as the "little scientist" in the family, James is currently investigating rocks and minerals. He usually has several rock samples in his pockets for demonstration purposes. James will share surprising factoids about each rock and how it was formed. He reads and understands on a level that's advanced for his age.

James likes to play games on computers and on his pad, but he is really an adventurous outdoorsy sort of boy. He likes to climb trees, build things, and play Nerf guns and Army. He does that best in the company of someone who is making sure he's safe. He stays pretty close to his foster mom or his brother for that feeling of security that's crucial at this time. James would like a fun dad who might build a tree house and "ride a Chestnut horse" with him.

Because both brothers can be cautious with people, we interviewed those who interact with them on a regular basis.

Judy, the boys' foster mom of almost two years: "Jude kind of stays to himself and assesses what's going on. Sometimes his emotions and behaviors get in the way, but most of the time he is cooperative, especially with prompts. Overall, his intelligence is a huge benefit to him in learning. Sometimes it gets him in trouble. He can instinctively find followers and creatively put some interest into his school day…like spitballs on the ceiling while a substitute was teaching. But he also helped clean them up.

Jude is a good kid. You usually don't have to ask him to do something more than once. He had to grow up really quickly during his childhood and he watched out for his little brother. Sometimes my husband and I have to remind him that it's okay for him to be a kid and let us be the parents.

So many situations are new to Jude. He'll tell me often; 'we never had that.' His adoptive parents need to understand that it may take both boys a while to process feelings. But that also makes it exciting to see the new things that bring them happiness. You will experience a lot of firsts through their eyes."

Keako, their Permanency Social Worker: "Both boys are inquisitive, intelligent and ask lots of questions. They do well with their current foster parents. It's the first time the boys have felt that sense of safety. It would be great if this couple could later play a "grandparent" role with both boys. It's so important that their family help them discover that relationships can be long-lasting and dependable. Then these boys will be willing to invest love and trust in others.

The boys are very serious, but there's a lot of joy that comes out when they feel secure. They need someone who has patience and will grow with them; someone with knowledge of trauma. Rather than being comfortable with hugs and other physical demonstrations of affection, the boys show love through asking questions, sharing their news or wanting to stay in your company. Coming alongside them on that journey helps them feel comfortable enough to express themselves in other ways and to other people.

The children will benefit from a family willing to access counseling and other community-based relational services. They need parents who will actively participate in their Individual Educational Plans. The boys would love to have brothers close to their ages, but they could also be the only children. Their family could offer other opportunities to have friends their own ages. Most of all, they need a family that will meet Jude and James where they are now and be a part of their life journey."

If you think you may be a good match for a techno-geek and a junior geologist. call the Idaho CareLine today and talk to them about your current home study. They'll let you know how to send that to the boys' permanency team just as soon as possible.

Portrait by Barb from Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery

To find out more about Jude & James, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. You may be asked for reference number 30574.

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