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Editor's Note: Window on the Clearwater has joined the Wednesday's Child network to help spread the word about children that are waiting for families to give them the loving care that they need. Each Wednesday we will profile a different child. For more information about Wednesday's Child and how you can be involved check the web site at:


Age: 10

Profile and portrait provided by NWAE.

Izaiah is a delightful little boy with a smile that will light up a room and a hug that will warm your heart! He loves interacting with adults and time dedicated to comforting one-on-one affection. A love of numbers and counting on fingers or clocks can keep him busy for a short time until he is onto something else that interests him such as building with blocks, putting together puzzles, or playing on his iPad. He is a child with a love for the outdoors and will take any opportunity to go for walks, swim, or play at the park. He is simply a joy to be around!

Izaiah is not a picky eater and enjoys most foods. He has a dairy allergy, but is otherwise a healthy boy. Some of his favorite foods are currently chicken and pork chops. Izaiah struggles to sleep soundly throughout the night and typically sleeps about 5-6 hours at a time.

Izaiah receives extra assistance in school and attends a specialized classroom. Izaiah loves school and the routine it allows. He is working on improving his speech, and will need parents who can access the supports he needs in school, and who will continue to advocate for his educational success as he grows and develops.

From a very young age it was clear that Izaiah was experiencing global developmental delays with symptoms and behaviors that fall onto the autism spectrum. Izaiah has made great gains, but continues to have minimal language, and uses short sentences; his motor skills and language skills are still lagging. When he has a need or want, he will typically take an adult by the hand and lead them to what he needs assistance with. He will hold eye contact for limited amounts of time. Izaiah is needing parents who have or can gain a strong understanding of his unique needs, and who are prepared to lovingly support him for life emotionally, developmentally, and physically.

Izaiah plays well with other children, although typically chooses to still play independently unless prompted to engage or share. While he naturally will gravitate more towards older children, he still also interacts quite well with younger children.

There are important members of Izaiah's birth family who he has had strong connections with in the past. While these relationships haven't had time to develop in recent years, it is likely to Izaiah's benefit that his adoptive parents remain open and supportive about them, and encourage healthy and appropriate forms of contact in the future. Izaiah is legally free to be adopted.

Izaiah has been in his current placement for most of his more recent years, and has a strong bond with his caregiver. Maintaining this relationship is essential to Izaiah's success, and is going to be very important to his transition into an adoptive home. Izaiah's adoptive family will continue to benefit from having her support as he grows up, as the relationship is very special to each of them.

Izaiah is a busy little guy who needs constantly watchful parents, ensuring he remains safe. He can be sensitive to loud noises, and physical touch. He will cover his ears to protect himself from overstimulation to sound, and is fussy about how clothes feel on his skin. Tags and other rough feeling materials are best to be removed from his clothing. He is easily redirected when he begins to show his frustration, and can usually let his caregivers know what is bothering him. His favorite cartoons are Dora the Explorer and Diego and he loves to wear anything with them on it.

Izaiah requires assistance with all of his personal care tasks. Izaiah is currently working with a behavioral consultant who advises and assists his caregiver in understanding and implementing steps to take to keep Izaiah safe. This will likely be a helpful support for Izaiah's future adoptive family. Izaiah also participates in services throughout the school week, which has enabled him to make the progress he has.

Izaiah needs a loving, patient family, who ensures his safety and enables his need for structure and routine. His adoptive family will need to have knowledge regarding his high needs, and be able to take initiative in accessing services for a child who requires many supports. Izaiah has the ability to adapt to a variety of family constellations, including both single or two parent homes, but will need a family where he can receive the ample attention and supervision he requires.

Izaiah is very cuddly and gives hugs freely. He has a sweet voice and will often sing quietly to himself while he is playing. He is a great helper with tasks at home and listens well. This delightful little boy will add great joy to a family!

To find out more about Izaiah, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588. Tyron is available for adoption through the State of Oregon.

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