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Kenny & Isabell

Ages: 7-9

Portrait and profile provided by NWAE

"Kenny & Isabell have so much love bottled up inside them just waiting to be shared with an adoptive family. If a family can stick through the bumpy parts, they are in for a real treat."

~DHS Caseworker

Described by their caseworker as "such cute kids", Kenneth or "Kenny", and Isabell are wonderful siblings who have been waiting for that special adoptive home for some time. They are equally good eaters, good sleepers, and good playmates. With big, bright smiles and genuine, affectionate personalities they are sure to win the hearts of all who allow. Kenny's developmental delays and Isabell's speech challenges will require very patient, involved and tolerant adoptive parents with extensive time and attention to share.

Grab your whistle, clear the tracks and make way for Engineer Kenny! He is an active and busy boy who adores all things related to trains. He likes nothing better than driving model trains on his train rug. When he is not managing the train yard, Kenny enjoys video games (he is a whiz at Angry Birds!); putting puzzles together; wrestling; jumping around on the play structure or going for family walks. Kenny is also artistic with a knack for artwork (his favorite color is red!), and has recently discovered that he is quite musical. He is having fun trying out different toy instruments and exploring the world of music.

Meet younger sister Isabell! Her favorite color is purple; her favorite toys are baby dolls; and she loves nothing better than to fuss and schmooze over real live babies! Isabell is also particularly drawn to older female role models, like her older teenage foster sister. Isabell likes to play "family" games and enjoys the role of the "mommy". Like her brother, she, too, is very active and high energy. Extremely social, she has become quite outgoing and interactive. Now much more patient with others, she is doing well at sharing and taking turns. Also like her brother, she is a tried and true snuggle-bug.

Kenny and Isabell will benefit from parents who are kind, and who will understand their feelings of grief and loss. Families who are knowledgeable about the effects of neglect on children will be good fits for this pair. They need consistent and structured parents who will set rules and stick to them. Active families who like to spend time outdoors and are able to help these two develop other interests, like sports and music, are also encouraged to inquire. Daycare isn't a viable option for Kenny and Isabell at this time, so two-parent families are preferred, ideally with one parent staying at home or working part time only.

Social and outgoing, Kenny makes friends quite easily and also adores pets. He enjoys the routine of meeting up with a close friend at the park to play with her pet turtle. Kenny is a very warm child who loves to be physically close to his caregivers. If you're available to read a book, Kenny is more than ready to cuddle up.

Kenny needs energetic caregivers who can keep up with him and keep a close watch. He can be easily distracted and veer off-task if left alone. Kenny needs parents who are calm and consistent in their expectations. In the past, he has lacked a system of firm boundaries, which has led to his confusion at times of what the adults in his life expect his behavior to look like. Kenny needs parents who know when to seek help, if needed, to meet his needs. His parents need to be willing to allow Kenny to take his time in the attachment process as this will be a big change in this guy's life. It will be worth the wait for his new family. He has made so much progress in an environment where boundaries, structure and routine are in place - it is having a real positive impact on his growth.

Isabell can display a bit of impulsiveness as well. She is very quick when she wants to be, and will need parents that are diligent in their ability to monitor her. Isabell is still learning what the rules are, and needs parents that are able to model consistent boundaries and expectations for her. She has made significant progress while in the stable environment of her foster home, but does have problems once in a while in being able to understand the cause and consequence of her actions. Fortunately, she is easily redirected. Isabell will need caregivers that are patient and willing to work with her, and allowing her to take her time as needed to warm up. Isabell needs adults that are able to enforce boundaries without using harsh or shaming language, and who are able to be calm in response to frustration.

While Isabell is in many ways typical for her age, she does have some speech delays that make her difficult to understand. She is clearly smart and able to comprehend, but she struggles to respond verbally and has a very limited vocabulary. She is getting support and continues to progress toward becoming more expressive, utilizing nonverbal communication to better to show others what she needs. Kenny, as it turns out, is the best go-to when difficulty arises in trying to understand Isabell.

In school, Kenny is eligible for services for his developmental delays and requires scholastic assistance. He is utilizing supports that help him to focus and better manage his impulses. While he is behind in most areas, he works hard and is really trying earnestly to be a better listener. He finds reading and writing significantly challenging, and needs lots of help from patient and attentive parents in order maintain healthy homework routines. He is gradually improving in recognizing words, and puts forth a good effort most of the time.

Isabell started Head Start preschool where she attends for half a day. She genuinely enjoys school! She is receiving support to help her maintain her focus and stay on track. In general, she is doing well in school despite communication barriers that occasionally arise.

Kenny and Isabell have an established relationship with members of their birth family that needs to be maintained as deemed appropriate. They are deeply bonded to each other and often seek each other's company for play. They display a healthy dose of sibling rivalry, but are taming the need to compete for attention. They need to have structured activities, earned rewards, positive reinforcement and praise. Time-out, redirection, and loss of privileges work sometimes, but are used primarily to stop argumentative or controlling behavior in the moment. Parents need to be proactive and attentive to their individual needs and provide a model for productive family time.

Kenny and Isabell struggle with the uncertainty of being in foster care, and long for the security of adoption. They need to be confident in their home life, knowing who they are growing up with, and be allowed the time they need to find their place in their new family. While the transition to an adoptive home will no doubt be difficult at times, they are great kids with so much to offer a lucky and receptive family. Kenny and Isabell are not yet legally free. Interested adoptive parents making an inquiry must be licensed for foster care and have an adoption homestudy already approved and ready to be forwarded by the family's adoption worker to their Oregon state caseworker for review and evaluation.

Photos by Xiomara Gard

To find out more about Kenny & Isabell, adoption or becoming a foster parent, email the Idaho CareLine (Please include your zip code and city.) or call 1-800-926-2588.

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